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Websites and Multi Media

In less than two decades, the Internet has changed the way we communicate. People are shopping on-line and making informed decisions about what they are buying. They meet each other, work, plan holidays, exchange ideas and even exchange houses. We turn to the web when we need information, and we produce content for others to consume. New ideas and technologies sprout every day.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the options. Fred Bircham Design will build what you need and help you keep it simple.

Links to some of our websites:

• Abbotsford Concrete Products, Abbotsford, Canada

• AquaPave, Abbotsford, Canada

• Integral Designs, Calgary, Canada

• SZ Law, London, UK

• Baytree Communications, Victoria, Canada

• Eugenes Greek Restaurants, Victoria, Canada

• Consulta, London, UK